Thursday, November 15th - 6 pm

erica kaufman is the author of several chapbooks including: censory impulse (big game books, 2007), civilization day (open24hours, 2007), and a familiar album (winner of the 2003 New School University Chapbook Contest). erica is also the co-curator/co-publisher of Belladonna*/Belladonna Books, a small press and reading series that promotes the work of women writers who are adventurous, experimental, politically involved, multi-form, multicultural, multi-gendered, impossible to define, delicious to talk about, unpredictable, dangerous with language. erica lives in brooklyn.

Reb Livingston is the author of Your Ten Favorite Words published by Coconut Books (www.yourtenfavoritewords.com), editor of No Tell Motel (www.notellmotel.org) and publisher of No Tell Books (www.notellbooks.org). With Molly Arden, she co-edits The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel anthology series.