October 2 - 6pm

SUEYEUN JULIETTE LEE grew up three miles from the CIA and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA, where she edits her small chapbook series, Corollary Press, and is pursuing her PhD in English from Temple University. Previously, she received her MFA in poetry and certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her poetry has appeared in journals such as Chain, 26, The Columbia Poetry Review, Effing, and MiPOesias' Asian American collection. Her poem "Down the mountain (an afternoon appearance of man and mystery)," a response to African-American painter Lamar Peterson's work, was included in the anthology Painters on Poets. Her chapbooks include Trespass Slightly In (online with Coconut), Perfect Villagers (Octopus Books) and Mental Commitment Robots (Yo Yo Labs). As an editor, Sueyeun specifically seeks out authors whose aesthetics challenge the boundaries of intelligibility for suitably "raced" work. Her forthcoming book of poetry, That Gorgeous Feeling (Coconut, 2008), explores East/West discursive circulations through the notion of celebrity.

CHRISTOPHER STACKHOUSE is the author of Slip (Corollary Press, 2005), and co-author of Seismosis (1913 Press, 2006), a collaboration with writer/professor John Keene that features Stackhouse's drawings in dialogue with Keene's text. He holds an MFA in Writing/Interdisciplinary Studies from Bard College. His essay "Everyone's Own Color Red" that compares the poetry of Hart Crane and Bob Kaufman, is published in the Spring 2008 issue of American Poet: The Journal of the Academy of American Poets. Through the program "New Voices, New York @ Chashama's ABC Gallery" in New York City, he co-curates with Kelly Kivland and Alisoun Meehan the current group exhibition titled "Contranym," featuring artists Robert Delford Brown, Victoria Fu, Brian Kim Stefans, John Cage, and Stephanie Loveless. In January 2009, he will be performing with John Keene during the month long writing and performance festival "When Does It or You Begin? (Memory as Innovation)" at the performance space *Links Hall* in Chicago. He will also be a guest faculty member in the Naropa University Summer Writing Program 2009, at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in Boulder, Colorado. Currently completing a manuscript of poetry, while also doing research for the development of a non-fiction book on poetics, Stackhouse lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.