Nov 24, 6pm: Julian T. Brolaski and Thom Donovan

Julian T. Brolaski is the author of the chapbooks Hellish Death Monsters (2001, Spooky Press), Letters to Hank Williams (2003, True West Press), The Daily Usonian (2004, Atticus/Finch) and Madame Bovary's Diary (2005, Cy Press), Buck in a Corridor (2008, flynpyntar) and the blog herm of warsaw. Xir first book gowanus atropolis is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse. Brolaski lives in Brooklyn where xe writes poetry, serves as a Litmus Press editor, plays country music in The Low & the Lonesome, and curates th'every-other-monthly freakshow Mongrel Vaudeville.

Thom Donovan has edited the Wild Horses Of Fire weblog since 2005 and coedits ON Contemporary Practice with Michael Cross and Kyle Schlesinger. He also curates the Segue reading series and PEACE events series and is an ongoing participant in the Nonsite Collective. His poetry and critical writings have appeared in various publications including, most recently, PAJ (MIT Press), O Books' War and Peace: Text and Image, The Brooklyn Rail, MUSEO, Critical Correspondences, and with Vigilance Society. A chapbook of his, Making Believe, is forthcoming with Wheelhouse Magazine. He teaches at Bard College and Baruch College, and holds a Ph.D. in Poetics from SUNY at Buffalo.

Please stick around after the reading for discussion and wine & cheese.


Coming Nov. 24: Thom Donovan and Julian Brolaski

Next Emergency reading: Tuesday, November 24, 6pm, with Thom Donovan and Julian Brolaski. Details to come!


Pritchett & Featherston on PennSound

Tuesday's reading is online at PennSound for free listening here


September 15, 2009, 6pm: Patrick Pritchett and Dan Featherston

Dan Featherston is the author of The Radiant World (BlazeVox, 2009), The Clock Maker's Memoir (Cuneiform Press, 2007), United States (Factory School, 2005), and Into the Earth (Quarry Press, 2005), as well as several chapbooks. His poetry has appeared in such journals as Aufgabe, Kiosk, Mandorla, New American Writing, and Sulfur. Scholarly works have appeared most recently in Modernism/Modernity, Chicago Review, and Charles Olson: A Poet's Prose. While living in Tucson, Arizona, Featherston help found POG, a collective of artists and scholars engaged with avant-garde work in a variety of media, and from 2001 to 2004, he edited A.BACUS, a journal of poetry and translation. Featherston has taught composition, literature, and creative writing at a number of colleges and universities, and he is currently a lecturer in the English department at Temple University. He lives in Philadelphia with Rachel McCrystal and their companion animals Fredo, Mazzy, and Itze.

Patrick Pritchett is the author of Burn - Doxology for Joan of Arc, and the chapbooks Reside, Lives of the Poets and Antiphonal. His poems have appeared in New American Writing, Hambone, Shiny, Bombay Gin, New Review of Literature, Colorado Review and The Modern Review, among others. Articles and reviews on modern and contemporary poetry have been featured in American Book Review, Rain Taxi, English Language Notes and Jacket. Scholarly work has been published in Radical Vernacular: Lorine Niedecker and the Poetics of Place and Ronald Johnson: Life and Works. A former story analyst and script editor in the film business, where he worked for James Cameron, Kathryn Bigelow, and HBO, Pritchett has taught modern literature and creative writing at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Naropa University, and Boston University. Currently he is a Lecturer in the History and Literature Program at Harvard University.



a reading featuring Buffalo, NY, poets Andrew Rippeon, Chris Sylvester, Divya Victor, and Steven Zultanski
presented by the Emergency Poetry Series
6:00 PM in the Arts Cafe

Andrew Rippeon edits P-Queue (a journal of poetry, poetics, and innovative prose) and QUEUE (a chapbook series adjunct to the journal). He lives in Buffalo, NY, where he participates in the Poetics Program at the University at Buffalo.

Chris Sylvester remains decidedly unpublished.
He was born in Hawaii.
He was raised in Florida.
He lives in Buffalo.
Chris Sylvester does not drive.
His recent reading at Rust Belt books was described variously:
"Irresponsible." "Erotic as a wayward hand."
Chris Sylvester is currently writing a tract on digestion.

Divya Victor has lived and learned in India, Singapore, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Seattle. She has a Masters in Creative Writing and Poetry from Temple University and is currently a PhD. candidate in the English Department at SUNY, Buffalo, where she curates (co)ludere, a constraint-based collaborative performance series. Her work has appeared in ambit: journal of poetry and poetics, XConnect, ixnay reader 3, and dusie, and is forthcoming in President's Choice and Drunken Boat.

Steven Zultanski is the author of the chapbooks Homoem (Radical Readout), USA = NAZI (with Brad Flis, Nocturnal Editions) and This and That Lenin (BookThug), plus the forthcoming volumes Generic Human Stuff (Patrick Lovelace Editions) and Pad (Make Now). He edits President's Choice magazine, a Lil' Norton publication. His poetry has appeared in Antennae, FO(A)RM, The Physical Poets, Shiny, and elsewhere.

photo credit: Elissa Tobin


Just announced: March 2 Reading w/ Buffalo Extravaganza!

We're very pleased to announce the March 2 Emergency reading will feature a bevy of poets from SUNY Buffalo's Poetics program: Divya Victor, Andrew Rippeon, Chris Sylvester, and Steve Zultanski. More details to follow.